Shri B. P. Bajoria, Chairman

My feeling for K. L. Bajoria College is that of a gardener for his garden and it is a feeling, which – I am sure, is shared by many others who have nurtured the institution.

Making a humble beginning with just a handful of students, the College, – thanks to the dedication and hard work of those involved with it, – has seen the number of grow steadily. The college today has about three hundred students. It can boast of an ever-growing Library and activities galore in these few years.

The team of teachers and staff is always searching for avenues so that the students are not fed with what is written in the book, but also can have their talents and, skills honed and develop through myriad opportunities and co-curricular activities.

It is highly satisfying that the college also offers Fashion and Interior Design and Conversational English Courses. Such as vocational courses, when introduced in K.L. Bajoria College, were a rarity in Shillong.

Overcoming various obstacles and hurdles, the College has reached what can be described as its early youth.

Mrs. Dhar has nurtured the sapling of this College in its days of uncertainty, and seen it through many a difficult situation. We are grateful to her, and thank her for the loving care and sincerity she brings to whatever she does.

The library is growing faster, with internet facilities for everyone. The Fashion and Interior Design, as well as the Spoken English Courses have proved to be immensely popular. Our results have once again been good.

For all this and more, I heartily thank and congratulate those who are looking after the administration of the College, as well as the teachers, staff and the students. Let the fragrance of education, enlightenment and empowerment encompass our environment