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The Literary Society

The Literary Society ( established on 22nd September, 2018 ) has made incredible achievements this past year. Through its combined efforts with the teachers, it has made learning fun, exciting and productive, from Extempore Speeches to Debate Competitions, from Slogan Writing to Art and Painting, and many more such activities, its members and participants have not ceased to amaze us.

More profound is its motto, “ Learn to Lead ” which points students in the right direction – that is, towards building positive leadership qualities through extra-curricular activities.

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The Sports and Cultural Club

Joining our K.L. Bajorian family is the newly formed Sports and Cultural Club which was founded on 20th March, 2019. Its aim and objective is directed at promoting ‘culture, sports and other youth activities within the college.’ Besides, the Sports Club chooses to encourage team spirit in every field; thus working its way towards the overall development of the students - mind, body and soul.

“Reach, Experience and Excel“ fits outstandingly as its motto because it clearly sets the goal in order.

Therefore, we may conclude by putting into perspective this order of thought that the Literary Society focuses on building leadership qualities with the help of physical, mental, cultural ( and overall ) development provided by the Sports and Cultural Club.

We cannot wait to see what comes next!