Dr. Bernadette Lyngdoh, Chief Administrative Officer

In the short duration that I have been associated with K. L. Bajoria College I have witnessed an environment brimming with a sense to achieve. In addition to the academic rigour students have been provided with ample opportunities to organise events in the college and to participate in other events outside. Although it has recently been established it has successfully produced a large number of graduates who have carved a niche for themselves in various professions. The college boasts of a robust Fashion Department which provides Certificate courses for aspiring designers many of whom have become successful entrepreneurs. This would not have been possible without the constant support and enthusiasm of our Chairman, Shri B. P. Bajoria. The backend team comprising of the teachers, librarian and non-teaching staff is being led by the Principal, Ms. Christina Kharpuri who has spared no effort to ensure only the best for the college. Ms. Lichelle Lyngdoh deserves a special mention for her contribution as Chief Editor of the magazine.

I look forward to leading this enterprising team of staff, teachers and students under the guidance of our Chairman to new and greater heights.